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The general goal of our research is to understand enzymatic transformations that are of environmental or pharmaceutical importance. We utilize both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology techniques to reach this goal, and have two current project areas in our laboratory: lantibiotics and phosphonate antibiotics.

Recent News

  • 2022/03/27 Congratulations to Dr. van er Donk (CHEM 532) for making the fall 2021 “List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.”
  • 2022/01/18 Congratulations to former vanderland undergrad, Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pilski, for being awarded an NIH F31 fellowship for his PhD research at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
  • 2022/01/06 Congratulations to Dr. Richard Ayikpoe for winning a Cell Chemical Biology poster prize at the 27th Enzyme Mechanisms Conference.
  • 2021/11/11 Congratulations to Dr. Imran Rahman Carroll for earning his PhD.
  • 2021/11/01 New paper in Nature Chemistry. Congratulations to current group members, Page Daniels and Dr. Hyunji Lee, and former vanderlanders, Dr. Rebecca Splain and Dr. Chi Ting.
  • 2021/11/01 New paper in JACS. Congratulations to current group members, Tung Le and Raymond Sarksian, and former vanderlander, Dr. Claudio Navo.

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