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The general goal of our research is to understand enzymatic transformations that are of environmental or pharmaceutical importance. We utilize both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology techniques to reach this goal, and have two current project areas in our laboratory: lantibiotics and phosphonate antibiotics.

Recent News

  • 2021/05/20 Congratulations to former vanderlander, Prof. Weixin Tang (now faculty at the University of Chicago), for being named a Searle Scholar for 2021.
  • 2021/04/30 New paper in Cell. Congratulations to Dr. Kuan-Yu ‘Nick’ Lai. This paper was also highlighted in the Illinois IGB News and The Rosalind Franklin Institute.
  • 2021/04/26 Congratulations to Wilfred van der Donk for being elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
  • 2021/04/26 Congratulations to Emily Desormeaux for passing her preliminary exam in Chemical Biology.
  • 2021/04/26 Former vanderlander, Prof. Neha Garg (now faculty at Georgia Tech), received an NSF Career Award to fight coral reef disease.  
  • 2021/04/21 Congratulations to Imran Rahman for winning a 2020 Colin A. Wraight Memorial Award in Biochemistry for Outstanding Paper. 
  • 2021/04/16 Congratulations to Tianhui “Hina” Zhou for passing her preliminary exam in Biochemistry. 
  • 2021/04/04 Congratulations to Alexis Lower (CHEM 232) for making the fall 2020 “List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students.”

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