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The general goal of our research is to understand enzymatic transformations that are of environmental or pharmaceutical importance. We utilize both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology techniques to reach this goal, and have two current project areas in our laboratory: lantibiotics and phosphonate antibiotics.

Recent News

  • 2019/06/01 Congratulations to Dr. Julian Hegemann for accepting a postdoc position w/ Roderich Süssmuth, TU Berlin and to Dr. Graeme Howe for accepting an assistant professorship position at Queen’s University, Canada.
  • 2019/05/28 Congratulations to vanderland alumna, Dr. Weixin Tang, for accepting an assistant professorship position at the University of Chicago.
  • 2019/05/01 New paper in ACS Synth. Biol.: congratulations to Dr. Julian Hegemann, Silvia Bobeica, Dr. Mark Walker, and Dr. Ian Bothwell.
  • 2019/04/16 Congratulations to Max Simon for being selected to present an oral presentation titled “Filling in the Gaps: Complete Biosynthetic Pathway to Fosfomycin in Pseudomonads” during the UIUC BIOE Graduate Research Symposium on Friday, May 3, 2019.
  • 2019/03/28 Congratulations to Max Simon for receiving a UIUC Graduate College Conference Travel Award for his poster titled, “Filling in the Gaps: Complete Biosynthetic Pathway to Fosfomycin in Pseudomonads” at the 26th Enzyme Mechanisms Conference.
  • 2019/02/12 Congratulations to Chunyu ‘Layla’ Wu for winning a Winter 2019 UIUC Department of Biochemistry Travel Grant.
  • 2019/01/14 New paper in eLife: congratulations to Silvia Bobeica  Dr. Liujie Huo Nuria Mazo and Martin McLaughlin.

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